What you need to know about insurance when you’re new to Colorado!

What you need to know about insurance when you’re new to Colorado!

February 23, 2019
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So, you’re new to Colorado . . . Right off the bat, Congratulations on finding one of the best places on the planet to live! We love Colorado and we’re sure you will too!

While you get settled into your new home and start exploring our streets, there are a few things to know about how insurance works in this great state of ours.

First off, it hails here (YUP) and it can get a little intense. On May 8th2017, we had a hail storm in the Denver area that caused $2.3 billion in damage, and that just a single afternoon storm! Cars and homes suffered a lot of damage and the insurance industry took notice and increased rates shortly thereafter.

Secondly, with Colorado attracting so many new residents, roads are getting more congested, which has lead to more accidents and that, has lead to (YOU GUESSED IT!) higher insurance rates as well.

Chances are the auto insurance Colorado requires will be different than the auto insurance required from your home state. Colorado requires that you register your vehicle within 90 days of establishing residency, so start looking for insurance now. Early shopping can give you additional discounts on your insurance as opposed to those who wait till the last minute.

Medical Payment coverage is a biggie and it’s important to understand how that works as well as the value of going with higher liability limits.

When you’re shopping for that dream home with a nice view of the Rocky Mountains be sure to know if the roof has been replaced or if it’s in good condition. A newer roof or a “quality” roof can give you big discounts on insurance! Remember the hail from earlier? Ask the current owner to provide you with any documentation as to when the roof was last replaced and the type of roofing material that was used.

Sometimes, especially with rental properties, the roof may have some damage from storms that owner was not aware of. This will usually be discovered in the inspection process. Since the inspector is hired by you, ask that he pay particular attention to any unrepaired hail damage.

Give us a call today and allow our insurance experts to give you the peace of mind knowing your property is properly protected. After all, you need all your time and energy for Colorado’s numerous recreation and entertainment options.

If your adventures lead you to one of our many golf courses or craft brew pubs (we have lots of recommendations!), don’t forget to say, “Hello” . . .