Pet Insurance

No one ever plans on their pet getting sick, but it happens. Protect your furry friend with our Safeco Pet Insurance plan.

Safeco's pet insurance policies are among the most comprehensive on the market, offering protection for both cats and dogs against a wide range of illnesses and injuries. For an additional premium, customers can also choose to upgrade their coverage to include wellness and preventative care benefits. One of the great things about Safeco's policies is that they can be customized to each customer's individual needs, so that each person pays only for the amount of coverage they expect to use. This makes Safeco's pet insurance plans a great value for anyone who wants to make sure their furry friends are always well-protected.


An important note:  In order to be eligible for coverage, you must affirm while that a veterinarian has conducted a comprehensive physical exam of your pet within the past 12 months. If your pet(s) have not undergone a physical exam in the past 12 months, they will be ineligible for coverage, and their application for insurance declined until an exam has been completed.